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The Process Configurator is a tool that provides an easy way to configure any Operating/Directional Business Process workflow for Business Manager or Company Owner's .

You can create each kind of process: sales process, purchase process, warehouse process, material process and fully customized process. This plugin is fully integrated with all the tables of the ERP system. You can control and automize your workflow simply through state transactions and (if you want) the conditions to be verified for each transaction.

For example:

  • 1. you want to move your process from state "requested" (product A requested by customer) to state "Is ready to send" (the product A is in the storage)
  • 2. This transaction has a condition that automatically find into the storage the qty of the product A. If the product A has qty>1 then go to the state "Is ready to sendr" else go to the state "create a purchase order"
  • 3. The operator can active the transaction only by pressing "process now" in the process window
  • 4. When the process finish the operator can see the result state without checking into the storage

In this way there's an optimization of the process time and the process cost

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