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Many Australian banks use the '.ABA' file format for importing payment files, an ancient, fixed width flat file format that really should have been replaced by an XML equivalent at least a decade ago. See for more info. This plugin makes use of the PaymentExport interface to allow multiple payments to be prepared in the Payment Selection Window. Then an .aba file can be created from the 'Payment Export' window, allowing multiple payments to made using the one file.


After installing the plugin:

  • Go to the Business Partner window of the Business Partners you would like to pay and click on the Bank Account tab. Create a new record and add the details of the Australian bank account you'd like to pay.
  • Go to the Bank / Cash window and ensure that a record exists for the Australian bank account you will be using to pay your business partners from.
  • In the Payment Export Class field of the Bank / Cash window enter 'au.blindmot.ABAPaymentExport.ABAPaymentExporter'.
  • In the 'Bank Account Document' tab, ensure there's an appropriate Bank Account document associated with this bank account.

Making payments

  • To start using the plugin, first create a Payment Selection record, ensuring that bank account records exist for both the source bank account and for the business partners being paid.
  • Click the 'Prepare payment' button.
  • Got to the 'Open Items' menu and select 'Payment Print / Export'.
  • Search and select the record you just created in the 'Payment Selection' field.
  • Ensure that the 'Payment Rule' drop down contains a valid payment rule.
  • The export button in the bottom left of the window should be active. Click it to start the export.
  • Once you've saved the file, close the 'Record saved' dialogue, then in the next dialogue where you're asked "Is the payment print correct ? If answered yes, then it will create and complete payments." click the OK button. Idempiere will then process the payments, allocating a payment and marking the invoices you're paying as 'Paid'.

Improvements in recent versions

For Version 1.0.1:

  • More descriptive empty BP bank account error message.

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