Plugin: Asterisk Integration

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The source consists of a Plug-In Project and a Fragment. The Fragment contains images and the Plug-In contains a Phone Number Editor and a Popup wich shows you the caller number, call duration and a button to hangup the phone. The editor supports formatting for international numbers. Just enter something like "+491701234567" and the editor will format it to "+49 170 1234567". The editor also has a button to originate a call to the number displayed in the editor. If a call is originated, the button can be used to hangup the phone.


  • Just install both bundles via Apache Felix Web Console in your iDempiere 2.1 instance. Make sure to chose Start Level 4 for the Fragment and start the Plug-In after instaling it so the 2Pack gets packed in.
  • Change reference of desired phone or any other string field to PhoneNumber
  • Use the de.evenos-consulting.asterisk System Configurator Values to setup your Asterisk Server
  • Enter the users sip channel in the User window
  • You may need to log out and back in again or run a Cache Reset to apply all changes
  • If you want other Texts in the Popup, change the de.evenos-consulting.asterisk messages in the Messages windwo

If you find bugs, have problems, questions or ideas, write an email.