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Pack out in iDempiere ERP

When you write a plugin, you can provide a zip file named : 2Pack which will be used by iDempiere to create Menu and others things for your plugin.

For example, you have a process named Create IDempiereOnHand Web Services. You wrote the plugin source code in eclipse and the plugin in eclipse is named : cm.itkamer.idempiereonhand-webservices. You also created the process with its parameters and the plugin menu using iDempiere web ui. Now you want to export the menu and the process informations located in the database. So follow this steps :

Open the Pack Out window in iDempiere


Enter the Name of Package, the Package Version and the others informations if you want.


Open Package Details and create new record.


To export the plugin process informations in the 2Pack, in the Type combo box choose Process/Report and in the Process combo box choose your process.


To export the plugin menu informations in the 2Pack, in the Type combo box choose Application or Module and in the Menu combo box choose your menu.


After added the package details, go back in the Export package window where you entered the Name of Package and the Package Version. Click on the Export Package button.


After the few seconds your screen should looks like that. Download the zip file by clicking on the link provided by iDempiere.


2Pack eclipse project

Rename the file you downloaded and renamed it into : 2Pack. Copy this file in the directory META-INF in your plugin source code.



Ing. Tatioti Mbogning Raoul(Tatiotir)

Under the direction of

Dr.-Ing Stanley A. Mungwe

IT Kamer Company Ltd, Cameroon

--Tatiotir (talk) 22:33, 14 November 2014 (CET)

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