Open Confirmation Details (Report ID-284)

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Report: Open Confirmation Details

Description: Open Shipment or Receipt Confirmation Details

Help: The Report lists the open confirmation lines

File:Open Confirmation Details - Report (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Report Parameters
Name Description Help Technical Data
Warehouse Storage Warehouse and Service Point The Warehouse identifies a unique Warehouse where products are stored or Services are provided. M_Warehouse_ID
Chosen Multiple Selection Table
Confirmation Type Type of confirmation ConfirmType
Chosen Multiple Selection List
Business Partner Identifies a Business Partner A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include Vendor, Customer, Employee or Salesperson C_BPartner_ID
Chosen Multiple Selection Search
Order Order The Order is a control document. The Order is complete when the quantity ordered is the same as the quantity shipped and invoiced. When you close an order, unshipped (backordered) quantities are cancelled. C_Order_ID

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