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Env Variables

Variable Default Value Description
IDEMPIERE_HOME /opt/idempiere Path to iDempiere
IDEMPIERE_PLUGINS_HOME /opt/idempiere/plugins Path to iDempiere plugins
IDEMPIERE_LOGS_HOME /opt/idempiere/log Path to iDempiere logs
IDEMPIERE_VERSION 7.1 iDempiere Version
IDEMPIERE_PORT 8080 HTTP port for iDempiere
IDEMPIERE_SSL_PORT 8443 HTTPS port for iDempiere
KEY_STORE_PASS myPassword Password for java key store (SSL Certificate)
KEY_STORE_ON Common Name for SSL Certificate
KEY_STORE_OU iDempiere Docker Organization Unit for SSL Certificate
KEY_STORE_O iDempiere Organization for SSL Certificate
KEY_STORE_L iDempiere Locate/Town for SSL Certificate
KEY_STORE_S CA State for SSL Certificate
KEY_STORE_C US Country for SSL Certificate
DB_HOST postgres Hostname for Postgres database
DB_PORT 5432 Postgres port
DB_NAME idempiere iDempiere Database
DB_USER adempiere User for iDempiere Database
DB_PASS adempiere Pass for `DB_USER`
DB_ADMIN_PASS postgres Pass for admin user (`postgres` user)
MAIL_HOST idempiere Mail server
MAIL_USER info Mail user
MAIL_PASS info Mail password
MAIL_ADMIN info@idempiere Admin e-mail
JAVA_HOME /usr/local/openjdk-11 Path to java
JAVA_OPTS Java execution parameters (e.g. -Xms and -Xmx)
DEBUG_PORT 4554 Port for remote debug
TELNET_PORT 12612 OSGI port for telnet connection
MIGRATE_EXISTING_DATABASE false Migrate the existing database to latest version

To do

  • Oracle DB capable
  • On/Off logs to file
  • Console setup bypass
  • Add TELNET_HOST env var in core file
  • Import dump from volume
  • Add parameter stop after init to migrate DBs
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