NF9 Virtual Column Lazy Loading

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Feature: Virtual Column Lazy Loading

Goal: Development

Developer: Saulo Gil

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5126


Virtual columns were loaded among the rest of the regular columns when instantiating a model class. This behavior was changed as a performance improvement, now virtual columns are queried on-demand whenever their getter methods are called. In case the developer wants to load virtual column along with regular ones, that can be achieved as shown below.

New constructor

 testPo = new MTest(Env.getCtx(), testPo.get_ID(), getTrxName(), MTest.COLUMNNAME_TestVirtualQty);

One or many virtual columns can passed on as parameters after the trxName parameter.

 testPo = new MTest(Env.getCtx(), testPo.get_ID(), getTrxName(), MTest.COLUMNNAME_TestVirtualQty, MTest.COLUMNNAME_AnotherVirtualColumn);

Using Query

 new Query(Env.getCtx(), MTest.Table_Name, MTest.COLUMNNAME_Test_ID + "=?", getTrxName())
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