NF9 Messages at Client Level

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Feature: Messages at Client Level

Goal: Functional

Developer: Nicolas Micoud

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5136

Sponsor : TGI


Messages are defined and translated at System level. Sometimes, it can be useful to set a translation at tenant level.

It is possible now using the new "Client level messages" window.

Logged in a tenant, open "Client level messages" window, and add a record : select the message and the language. Content of "Message Text" and "Message Tip" will be read from the message. Simply adapt it so it fits your need and save :

ClientLevelMessage MessageTrl.png

Set the System Configurator MESSAGES_AT_TENANT_LEVEL to Y.

Execute Cache Reset process to force the reload of messages.

And you can see the result, "Home" has been translated for "Home of Garden World"

ClientLevelMessage Home.png

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