NF8.2 Create/Complete Table

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Feature: Create/Complete Table

Goal: Technical

Developers: Nicolas Micoud, Carlos Ruiz


Traditionally it has been complicated to create a document table with all the required columns, dependencies, workflow, etc.

With the process Create/Complete Table, accessible from the gear button in Table and Column window, now is very easy to:

  • add a workflow
  • add the corresponding translation table
  • add the required columns in a table to make it a document, or in general add the common columns:
    • Value
    • Name
    • Description
    • Help
    • DocumentNo
    • DocAction
    • DocStatus
    • Processed
    • ProcessedOn
    • Processing
    • C_DocTypeTarget_ID
    • C_DocType_ID
    • C_Currency_ID
    • DateTrx
    • DateAcct
    • Posted
    • IsApproved
    • SalesRep_ID
    • AD_User_ID

01 CreateCompleteTable.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-4858

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