NF7.1 Multi Select

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Feature: Multi Select Table/Search/List

Goal: User Experience

Developer: Heng Sin Low


Now is possible to have window fields, and also report and process parameters that can contain reference to multiple foreign records.

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How to Configure

Configuration is very simple, just select in the reference field one of the new three types:

  • Chosen Multiple Selection Table
  • Chosen Multiple Selection Search
  • Chosen Multiple Selection List

And fill the Reference Key properly

02 HowMulti.png

Technical Info

Normal Reports

The usage in reports is just straight (unless the report has some pre-processing class, in such case you must see below the notes about Processes)

Jasper Reports

The parameter is passed to Jasper as a String with the record IDs separated by commas.

The Jasper Report must take care of parsing the parameter accordingly.

Example in PostgreSQL:

cbp.c_bpartner_id = any(string_to_array($P{param_c_bpartner_id}, ',')::int[]);


For processes, the parameter is passed a String with the record IDs separated by commas.

The process must take care of splitting and processing the parameters accordingly.


When used in windows, take into account that the value is saved in the database as a String with the record IDs separated by commas. (IMPORTANT: ColumnName can't ending with _ID)


  • No foreign key management in the database, it means, is possible to delete the parent record, and the reference will be left orphan, you need to take care of checking this validation, for example in a BeforeDelete developed for the parent table
  • The Copy Client functionality doesn't manage this foreign keys, you need to take care about processing this extra foreign keys, for example in a Pre or PostProcess for this process

Link to JIRA Ticket


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