NF7.1 Display Logic for Print Format Item

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Feature: Display Logic for Print Format Item in PDF

Goal: Functional

Developer: Heng Sin Low


Now is possible to set a Display Logic for a Print Format Item rendered as PDF format.

The display logic follows the normal convention for the display logic field:

{expression} [{logic} {expression}]
expression := @{context}@{operand}{value} or @{context}@{operand}{value}
logic := {|}|{&} - these are OR and AND, resolved from left to right (no precedence)
context := any print format item column name from the report surrounded by @ - like @C_BPartner_ID@ or @Name@
        := the special values @*Page@ and @*PageCount@ are supported also
        := foreign columns can be referenced too with the notation column.foreign_column, for example @C_BP_Group_ID.Name@
value := strings or numbers
operand := eq{=}, gt{>}, le{<}, not{~^!} 


Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-3996