NF7.1 @SQL notation for display logic

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Feature: Implement notation @SQL for display logic

Goal: Technical

Developer: Hieplq


It is possible to base a display logic on a sql query, according to its result. No row returned means false, it won't be displayed Otherwise is true and it will be displayed

A nice feature is the use of ! which reverse the result (no row means true).

As an example, you can check the logic used on 'Web Service Security' > Web Service Type > InsertParameters ; is a button displayed only when there is no records in the parameters tabs.

@SQL=!SELECT 1 FROM WS_WebService_Para WHERE WS_WebServiceType_ID = @WS_WebServiceType_ID:0@

nb: the :0 is here to handle null cases (see IDEMPIERE-194)

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-3917

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