NF5.1 Mobile Compatibility

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Feature: Mobile Compatibility

Goal: Usability

Developer: Heng Sin Low


iDempiere provides now an excellent user experience when used in tablets and smartphones.

Since the login the screen presented on smartphone and tablets is adapted properly to be usable.

01 MobileLogin.png

Within the application some changes are applied on mobiles:

  • Left panel is visible when pusing the top left button
  • Right panel is visible when pushing the question mark (?) button
  • Instead of tabs, there is a button showing the number of tabs and allowing to navigate between the open tabs
  • The menu is accessible via a dedicated button on header
  • The context menu on fields is accessible pushing the label, instead of the previously required long press on the field
  • For Chrome in Android, it supports "Add to Home" screen
  • Use PdfJS for inline viewing of PDF ( report viewer, popup report viewer, zk report viewer and archive viewer ).
  • Enable html5 input type for number and url for better soft keyboard support

02 MobileUI.png

03 MobileContextMenu.png

And can be used in smartphones also, if the screen is not wide enough, it adapts the layout to show one field per row:

04 MobilePhonePortrait.png

And is responsive, adapting to changes from portrait to landscape and viceversa:

05 MobilePhoneLandscape.png


  • Chrome Android: For better user experience, goes to chrome://flags and turn on "Enable OSK Overscroll"

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-3518

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