NF5.1 FindSimilarTo

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Feature: Find Similar To

Goal: Usability

Developer: Carlos Ruiz


By default the matching queries in Find window ( ~ ) are resolved using the LIKE function.

There is a more powerful version of LIKE in PostgreSQL with the name SIMILAR TO.

Users can now set up this matching way using the user preference "Use Similar To":

01 SimilarToPreference.png

After the user enable that, then syntax similar to regular expression can be used, for example:

02 UserQuery.png

Result in these records:

03 ResultSimilarTo.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-1906

  • Please note that the conversion of SQL statements are cached in memory, if a LIKE query was executed previously will be converted to LIKE again until the user executes the "Cache Reset" process.
  • PostgreSQL documentation about SIMILAR TO can be found on this link
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