NF5.1 DetailedZoomAcross

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Feature: Detailed Zoom Across (Where record is used)

Goal: Usability

Developer: Carlos Ruiz


By default the toolbar button zoom across discover where the record on screen is used on first tabs of windows.

With detailed zoom across it goes deeper in the discovery of relationships within detailed tabs.

Normal Zoom Across on product looks like:

01 NormalZoomAcross.png

Users can enable/disable the new Detailed Zoom Across going to User Preference window (by default is disabled):

02 DetailedZoomPreference.png

And as a result the Zoom Across button can show a lot more related information about where a record is used:

03 DetailedZoom.png

You can set per tenant the System Configurator ZOOM_ACROSS_QUERY_TIMEOUT. This defines a timeout in seconds for every count query executed in this toolbar button, by default these queries timeout in 5 seconds.

04 SysConfigZoomTimeout.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-3580

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