NF3.0 User Preference

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Feature: User Preferences

Goal: Usability

Contributor: Diego Ruiz - Thomas Bayen - BXService GmbH, Krefeld

Developer: Diego Ruiz


Now you can configure preferences based on each user/client in the preference popup and the user preference's window.

  • By default the previous preferences are created (AutoCommit and AutoNew).
  • In the popup menu only the fields marked as quick entry in the user preference's window are displayed.


  • When you click on the More Preference option, the User Preference's window will be open.


  • In the images you can see that Automatic Commit and Automatic New are quick entry and Automatic Decimal Places For Amounts is not.

How to add a new preference:

  • Login as System Administrator.
  • Go to the table AD_UserPreference.
  • Add a new column with the new preference. (Don't forget to synchronize it)
  • Go to the User Preference window record on Window, Tab & Field.
  • Create the new fields on the user preference tab.
  • If you want it to be displayed in the popup menu, mark it as a quick entry. Otherwise you will be able to set it in the user preference window.
  • Now you have your new preference for users.

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-2556

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