NF2.1 InfoWindow Improvements

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Feature: InfoWindow Improvements

Goal: Usability To make user more comfortable with info window

Description: 1. Add button reset to all infoWindow When clicked, it resets all criteria field to initial value.

  • Where field has default value, it resets to default value
  • Where field has a preference value it resets to preference value
  • Where value of field init to a value (as "Price List Version" in produce info) it reset to this value.
  • Others reset to a blank value

Infowindow reset.png

2. Add ability define "Default Logic" value for criteria field

same default logic field at standard window

Infowindow defaultValue.png

3. Add is mandatory to criteria field

  • Improvement as submitted at IDEMPIERE-1970.
    • Info-Window data not only comes from a Table, it can also come from a View.
  • Improvement as submitted at IDEMPIERE-1334.
    • You can define a process run for group record, other process run for other group record.
    • So, you have to set the mandatory parameter.
    • You also can define display logic for process button by value input at criteria field.
    • According to the filter at the group, only the suitable process button is displayed

Infowindow displayLogicProcess.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-1378, IDEMPIERE-1792, IDEMPIERE-1972, IDEMPIERE-1973

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