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Feature: Custom Homepage

Goal: User Experience

Developer: Antonio Cañaveral


The homepage for iDempiere is now customizable and themeable.

01 CustomHomepage.png

How to change the homepage theme?

It's recommended that you create a file in your IDEMPIERE_HOME folder (you can copy it from sources at org.adempiere.server/src/main/home/org/bmlaurus/home/ or on server you can find it within plugins/org.adempiere.server_*.jar, or download it from bitbucket

In that file you can customize some variables.

To change the theme you need to customize:

  • TemplateName: Defines the theme, by default iDempiere comes with white and black themes, you can create new themes (see below)

There are many other variables to customize, most are self-explanatory reading the file. It can provide two RSS feeds and 7 links to social networks.

The next screenshot shows the theme black selected in

02 CustomHomepage.png

How to create a new theme?

In the file you can change the TemplatePath variable to point to the folder where your theme is located (or in server it could be added as a fragment of org.adempiere.server plugin).

The theme must simply define the associated images:

├── images
│   ├── img_back.png
│   ├── img_facebook.png
│   ├── img_felix.png
│   ├── img_forum.png
│   ├── img_googleplus.png
│   ├── img_idempiereMonitor.png
│   ├── img_irc.png
│   ├── img_locsupport.png
│   ├── img_option.png
│   ├── img_resource.png
│   ├── img_sendreq.png
│   ├── img_supreq.png
│   ├── img_twitter.png
│   ├── img_webstore.png
│   ├── img_webui.png
│   └── img_wiki.png
└── styles
    └── template.css

You just create a folder with your theme name and create the corresponding images according to the tree, and your own template.css

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-1325

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