NF2.1 Configurable Timeout Session

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Feature: Configurable Timeout Session

Goal: Technical


A new sysconfig key ZK_SESSION_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS was defined to allow configuring the timeout in seconds per tenant - or system wide in case it's not defined for the tenant.

There is no ZK_SESSION_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS entry in the System Configurator by default. If you wish to use it, you must create it yourself. Below is an example of a timeout of 120 minutes for all clients in the system:

  • Log in as the System Administrator role
  • Open the System Configurator window
  • Create a new record with the following entries:
    • Configured Value = 7200
    • Configuration Level = System

If there is no ZK_SESSION_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS created in the System Configurator window, the system will take the timeout configured in org.adempiere.ui.zk/WEB-INF/web.xml - which is defined by default 60 minutes.


  • -2: used internally by iDempiere - same as not set, in this case it uses the default
  • -1 or any negative value different than -2: disable timeout. According to oracle java doc: An interval value of zero or less indicates that the session should never timeout.
  • 0: Is working in jetty, but still times out - not like specified (Note some old versions with tomcat have problems with setting 0, disallowing completely the login)
  • Positive value: Number of seconds to timeout

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-2110

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