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Feature: Configurable Info on Login Window

All keys set in the System Configurator
Version Info panel showing all values. Some are overwritten via System Configurator
Default settings (no keys are set in System Configurator) in a productive system

Goal: Security

Developer: Jan Thielemann


The Version Info panel on the login page of iDempieres webui consists of 6 values:

  • iDempiere Version
  • Database Version
  • Implementation Vendor
  • Java Version
  • Operating System Version
  • Hostname of the server

In previous versions of iDempiere, all of those keys were shown, no matter if the system was a productive system or only for testing. With the new feature you now have six new keys for the System Configurator to configure if you want to show a value in the Version Info panel or not. These are boolean keys so you can use 'Y', 'N', 'true' and 'false' as the value.


If you don't implement the keys in the System Configurator, the default values to show or hide one of the values in the Version Info panel are following:

AD_System.SystemStatus in ('E', 'I') (system is evaluation or implementation):

  • Show all values

AD_System.SystemStatus = 'P' (system is production):

  • Only show iDempiere Version and Implementation Vendor

Also you now can overwrite some of the values in the Version Info panel via the System Configurator. Use the following keys to provide your own values as a String:


Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-2259

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