NF11 Support Quick Info Widget for Info Windows

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Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5772

Developer: Peter Takacs, Cloudempiere

Review: Carlos Ruiz, Heng Sin Low


The Quick Info widget can be defined in System, through the Status Line window. The scope of this improvement is to allow to define a Quick Info widget for Info Windows. In order to make it useful, the support of context variables on Info Windows was also included with this feature.

Application Dictionary Changes

A new Info Window field was added to the Status Line - Used In tab. If an Info Window is selected, then the Table, Window and Tab values must be 0.

Context Variables

With this feature some new context variables were introduced. They can be divided into two groups:

1) Parameters

The info window parameter context is updated, when the Re-Query button is pressed.

In the status line SQL, the parameters can be accessed with the @ColumnName@ syntax, e.g. @C_Order_ID@

2) Selected row values

The values of the selected row are updated in the context on every selection. Only one row's values are put into the context at a time. In case of multi-selection, only the last selected row is counted.

In the status line SQL, the row values can be accessed with the @_IWInfo_ColumnName@ syntax, e.g. @_IWInfo_C_Order_ID@.

There is a special context variable for listing the ID's of the selected rows, separated by comma (e.g. 100,101,102,103). This variable can be accessed with @_IWInfoIDs_Selected@ syntax. Example usage in a WHERE clause:

FROM C_Order
WHERE C_Order_ID = ANY(string_to_array('@_IWInfoIDs_Selected@',',')::NUMERIC[])

How to Use:

  • in the Message window create a new message, that will be displayed in the Quick Info
  • create a new Status Line, and set the new message on it
  • define an SQL select, where you can use the context variables, as described above
  • in the Used In tab, create a new record and select the desired Info Window
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