NF11 Period Close Disallow When Unposted Documents Exists

From iDempiere en

Goal: Controlling Improvment

Developer: cloudempiere, Takacs Peter
Design: Norbert Bede
Review: x

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5576

The purpose of this change better controlling between period close and un-posted documents. (completed documents but not posted or has posting issue). Issue happened: the accountant closed the period from time to time even when there were posting errors


This improvement disallows to close or permanently close the period, if any un-posted documents with Document Status = Completed exist within that period. This new check for un-posted documents was added to 2 processes:

  1. Open/Close all (on tab Period) checks for all un-posted documents between Period Start Date and End Date
  2. Open/Close (on tab Period Control) checks only the documents with Document Base Type from the Period Control (for this purpose a Document Base Type column was added to the RV_UnPosted report)
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