NF11 Export SQL Insert Scripts

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Goal: UX/Functional

Developer: Hengsin

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5624


  • Add zip - SQL Insert scripts zip archive option to the Export dialog.
  • The new export type will export data as SQL insert scripts and create a zip file that includes Oracle and PostgreSQL (oracle/*.sql and postgresql/*.sql) scripts.
  • ID value is exported as integer value for official ID and as nextfunc (for primary key) or toRecordId(for foreign key) for non official ID.

Export Dialog

  • New option added to export dialog open from the Export toolbar button.

SQL Insert Scripts Export Types

SQL Export Type Options

  • With Export current row only turn on, user can choose to select the immediate child tabs as part of the exported zip archive.

Export Current Row to SQL Insert Scripts

  • When Export current row only is turn off (i.e all rows), only current header tab will be exported to the zip archive.

Export All Rows to SQL Insert Scripts


  • Accessible to Advanced Role only
  • Skip column that's secure, encrypted or with the name password


The exporter doesn't handle binary type (image, blob, etc).

Sample Export Files

Attached to

  • - With Export current row only off.
  • - With Export current row only on and Order Lines selected.
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