NF11 Enable Showing Inactive Records through Reference

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Enable Showing Inactive Records through Reference

Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5573

Developer: Peter Takacs, Cloudempiere

Review: Heng Sin Low, Carlos Ruiz, Nicolas Micoud, Norbert Bede


There are some use cases, when showing inactive records in a list field of parameter can be useful, e.g. displaying Products inactivated by the customer.


A new Show Inactive field was added to the Reference window, this is valid for references with validation type = Table Validation.

How to use

If the Show Inactive field is set to Yes, then the Reference will allow to show active and inactive records too. When set to No, only the active records are shown. This is applied to the Columns, Process Parameters and other fields, where the Reference is used.

For example:


Note that the list shows the inactive records surrounded by tilde characters (~), like:


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