NF11 ESC/Alt+X Shortcut for Closing Tabs

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Refactor ESC/Alt+X Shortcut for Closing Tabs


Developer: Peter Takacs, Cloudempiere

Review: Carlos Ruiz, Heng Sin Low


The scope of this improvement can be split into two parts:

Implement Alt-X shortcut for the missing tab types

Before this improvement, closing Tabs with Alt+X shortcut was not supported in most of the tab types. For the complete list, see the following ticket: After this improvement, the Alt-X shortcut should work for all tab types.

Support ESC shortcut for closing tab

A new System Configuration record was added: USE_ESC_FOR_TAB_CLOSING. If it is set, then the user will be able to close tabs with the ESC key (besides Alt-X).

How to use:
  • Y - use ESC for closing tabs
  • N - use Alt+X for closing tabs
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