NF11 Document Base Type Group

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Feature: Document Base Type Group

Goal: Business

Developer: cloudempiere, takacs peter

Now you can define new Document Base Type Groups, for example: document types for costing, for accounting, for AR etc.

Example we define test group with doctype lines

Doc type group.png

DocType group Implementation in Period Control managent, allow open a doctype group. This open 2 period control

Doctype Group Period.png

Period Control Management new field added, Document Base Type Group, which allow filter with group multiple period controls. in this example 2 periods.

Real example:

The user needs to open one quarter for 11 doc base types (costing) - when the user opens period control info, selects 3 months range, then it returns 32*3=96 period control entries and as next step, must select 11*3=33 period controls for this area.

Instead of this the user could now quickly select one from the predefined groups every time.

Doctype Group Period Control.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-5659

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