NF11 Constraint Type for RecordID and UU

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Developer: cloudempiere, Takacs Peter

Design: Carlos Ruiz/Norbert Bede

Review: Carlos Ruiz, Heng Sin Low

Feature Ticket:

The purpose of this improvement is to avoid storing IDs of deleted records in the Record_ID column. To achieve this, multiple model constraints were defined, which can be set on all AD_Column with Reference: Record ID.

Example use case:

You want to delete a sales order record, but it is already references from AD_WF_Activity.Record_ID. You can log in to System, navigate to AD_WF_Activity table -> Record_ID column and choose a Constraint Type from the available choices:

Do Not Create - Ignore

the ID of the deleted record (sales order in this case) will stay stored on all the referencing records (AD_WF_Activity in this case)

Model Cascade

all which refer to the deleted record, will be deleted too (in our case, the AD_WF_Activity will be deleted)

Model No Action - Forbid Deletion

you will not be able to delete the record (in our case the sales order), if any referencing records exist

Model Set Null

on all referencing records the Record_ID column will be cleared (set to NULL)

Technical: The record constraints will be only activated when deleting through java model classes (through

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