NF10 Workflow EMail Enhancement

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Feature: Workflow EMail Notification Enhancements

Goal: Functional

Developer: Hengsin (talk)

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5261

Make attachment of PDF document to Workflow EMail Notification optional.
Add bean property access to Mail Template.


  • Add Attached Document flag to Workflow Node tab. Visible when Action is EMail. Checked to attached PDF document to EMail (existing behavior) and unchecked to send EMail without attachment.

Attached Document to EMail

  • Add bean property access to Mail Template with the @=<bean property name>@ notation. For e.g, @=summary@ (@=Summary@ works too, you can use upper or lower case for first character of the bean property name and it is case sensitive after the first character) for getSummary() of MOrder.
  • Add context variable (@...@) support to Subject field of Mail Template. Access is provided to global variables (for e.g @#AD_Client_ID@), PO column (for e.g, @DocumentNo@) and bean property (for e.g @=summary@)
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