NF10 Tax Lookup Interface

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Feature: Order and Invoice: Tax Lookup Interface

Goal: Development

Developer: Hengsin (talk)

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5056

Implement a new tax lookup interface to allow plugin to override the relation between bp/location/product and tax code without changing core.


  • Add org.adempiere.base.ITaxLookup interface.
  • Add TAX_LOOKUP_SERVICE tenant level system configurator record. This define the OSGi component name for tax lookup service and default to org.adempiere.base.DefaultTaxLookup.

TAX_LOOKUP_SERVICE System Configurator record

  • Add new lookup rule for Delivery Via rule. When Delivery Via rule is PickUp, Warehouse Location instead of Billing To Location is use as Tax Location To.


  • Create new OSGI component that implement the org.adempiere.base.ITaxLookup interface.
  • If the new service is for all tenant, change the System tenant's TAX_LOOKUP_SERVICE system configurator record value to the new OSGI component name.
  • If the new service is for a particular tenant, create a new TAX_LOOKUP_SERVICE system configurator record for that particular tenant with the new OSGI component name as value.
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