NF10 Make print filename configurable

From iDempiere en

Goal: UX/Functional

Developer: cloudempiere, Takacs Peter, Design: Norbert Bede Review: Hengsin Low/CarlosRuiz

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-4753


This enhancement allows you to configure the human readable print file name instead of the system generated name.

The pattern "SCO@DocumentNo@" generate pdf with human readable filename SCO20210406-001 instead InvoiceFormatGroup_5099627889056305320.pdf

The solution supports default printformat item and translations ​ as well as standard iDempiere form documents and Jasper report-based documents.


  1. Open print format,
  2. Select Print format item
  3. Enter field FileNamePattern , example
    • A. invoice_@DocumentNo@
    • B. rechnung_@DocumentNo@ (on _trl)
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