NF10 Info Window Generate Invoice (manual)

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Feature: Generate invoice (manual) migrated to info window

Goal: Functional

Developer: cloudempiere/petertakach

Review: CarlosRuiz, Hengsin

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-1965



  • deprecate form generate invoice (manual)
  • keep working old form (hidden)
  • migrate legacy functionality to info window
  • allow use new functionality of info window (value preference, customise parameters, new columns without development ...)
  • use single source of true for info window and batch process


  • added new info window which replace form (in case you want to use old form, then you can enable it in application dictionary)
  • processes attached to info window for order to ship and rma to return
  • improved process generate invoice - using view %c_invoice_candidate%
  • Print can be started manually from process info result window Add Printing Support to ProcessInfoDialog


  • you can change info window view c_invoice_candidate directly or report view component
  • you can add/remove columns and filters (configure info window) by editing Application Dictionary => info window
  • you can add new custom process to additional data processing - development required
  • info window customisation without development NF8.2_Info_Window_Customisation
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