NF10 Deductible And Non Deductible Input Tax

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Feature: Deductible and Non Deductible Input Tax

Goal: Functional

Developer: Hengsin (talk)

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5057

Implement support for


  • Add Tax Posting Indicator field to Tax Rate window (for non-summary, line level purchase tax).
    • Separate tax posting: For deductible input tax. This is the existing tax posting where tax is posted to a separate GL account from product asset account (i.e tax not added to product cost).
    • Distribute tax with relevant expense: For non deductible input tax. Tax is posted to the product asset account and added to product cost.

Posting Indicator Field

  • Modify tax and cost posting for Doc_Invoice, Doc_InOut, Doc_MatchInv and Doc_MatchPO.


  • Setup Deductible Purchasing Tax Rate.

Deductible Purchasing Tax Rate

  • Setup Non-Deductible Purchasing Tax Rate.

Non Deductible Purchasing Tax Rate

  • Create 2 PO line, line 10 is using Deductible tax rate and line 20 is using Non-Deductible tax rate (both with 19% tax rate).

Example PO Lines

  • 2 Order tax line created with Base Amount of 2550.00 and Tax Amount of 484.50.

Example PO Tax Lines

  • Material Receipt Posting. Line 10 posted 2550.00 to Product Asset account and Line 20 posted 3034.50 (2550.00+484.50) to Product Asset account.

Example Material Receipt Posting

  • Vendor Invoice Posting. Line 10 posted 484.50 to tax account and Line 20 didn't post to tax account.

Example Vendor Invoice Posting

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