NF10 Add Customer Account FreightCostRule

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Feature: Add Customer Account FreightCostRule

Goal: Functional

Developer: Hengsin (talk)

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5083

Add FREIGHTCOSTRULE_CustomerAccount where freight cost should be charged to the receiver/customer shipper account.


  • Add Customer Account (U) to the C_Order FreightCostRule Reference List

Customer Account Freight Cost Rule

  • Shipment (Customer): when freight cost rule is U, default shipper account from C_BP_ShippingAcct (by M_Shipper_ID and C_BPartner_ID of receiver/customer) and set freight charge rule to Collect (A_Col)
    • Business Partner Shipping Account configuration

Business Partner Shipping Account

  • Sales Order Freight Cost Rule

Sales Order Freight Cost Rule

  • Customer Shipment Default

Customer Shipment Default

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