NF1.0 Scheduler Improvements

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Feature: Scheduler Improvements

Goal: Technical

Sponsor: Trek Global


This feature enable to define a schedule that can be used in any of the scheduled processes. You can also define the IP address(es) where the schedule can run.

A Reload link was added on iDempiereMonitor to re-read the scheduled configuration.

New Window Schedule Scheduler1.png

* The field Schedule Type can choose between : Frequency or Cron Scheduling Pattern
* In the field Run Only IP: you can specify  the IP's that can run the Scheduler that have assign this Schedule

iDempiere fully supports: Cron Scheduling Pattern to create any necessary pattern. For more information about this pattern cron4j

The client System can use all the Scheduler, but the other clients can only see the schedulers that are not flagged as "System Schedulers"


On Scheduler window a new field Schedule was added to choose the schedule to that process.


The Schedule can also be used in all tables requiring a schedule, like accounting processor, alert processor, etc.

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-391