NF1.0 ReportWizard

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Feature: Report Wizard

Goal: Usability

Sponsor: Trek Global


Configuration of reports is easier with the report wizard accessible from the toolbar on report viewer:

NF001 ReportWizard01.png

After entering the wizard the user can select the fields to display:

NF001 ReportWizard02.png

Then navigate to the second tab and define the order of the displayed fields

NF001 ReportWizard03.png

Then user can select the fields to order, and the ordering sequence:

NF001 ReportWizard04.png

Then user can select the grouping fields:

NF001 ReportWizard05.png

And finally user can select the aggregate functions on the displayed fields:

NF001 ReportWizard06.png

Don't forget to save the changes and then you can run the report.

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-379

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