NF1.0 ReportButton

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Feature: Report Button

Goal: Usability

Sponsor: Trek Global


The Report inherit the search filter from the window

Make a filter in any window of the system



Make a report in the window and the result of the report will show the same register that the filter in the window shows.


The button allows now to choose directly the print format without rendering the report (previously you needed to render the report with the default print format and then change it)


It allows also to report all records (the default) or just current record (previously just the current record was reported and you needed to do a search on the report viewer window)


It allows to export directly without rendering the report


Also a flag was added to include "All columns" when generating a new print format, if disabled then print format will be generated just with the columns customized by user in grid view


Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-270

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