NF1.0 NewMasterDetail

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Feature: New Master Detail Implementation

Goal: Usability

Sponsor: Trek Global


New master detail implementation to improve usability.


1) New toolbar button image for parent and detail navigation

NF001 MasterDetail001.png

2) New breadcrumb bar for parent and detail navigation, record navigation button, and messages

NF001 MasterDetail002a.png

3) Record info link

NF001 MasterDetail002b.png

4) Popup menu for navigation to other detail at the same level

NF001 MasterDetail002c.png

5) Split view for form view

NF001 MasterDetail003a.png

6) Split view for list view

NF001 MasterDetail003b.png

7) Current row indicator to edit detail record in top pane

NF001 MasterDetail004a.png

8) Toolbar button to edit detail record in top pane

NF001 MasterDetail004b.png

9) Display document summary at bottom

NF001 MasterDetail005.png

10) Move Paging control for header pane to top

NF001 MasterDetail006.png

11) Header and detail tab share the save and ignore toolbar button

NF001 MasterDetail007.png