NF1.0 Frequent Lists

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Feature: Frequent lists

Goal: User Experience

Contributor: Nicolas Micoud


If you add a IsShortList column on a table, the field (Table/TableDir) will have a new feature: ability to show only the records marked as 'frequently used' (the Short list checkbox must be checked)

Setup (System)

To enable the feature just need to add the IsShortList column to the intended table, as shown in the screenshot:

01 AddShortListToPaymentTerm.png


Define the records that you want to appear in the short list:

02 DefinePaymentTermShortList.png

And then the users will see initially just the short list:

03 PaymentTermShortList.png

To enable the full list user just needs to right-click and toggle to full list:

04 ToggleShortList.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-90

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