NF1.0 FormLayout

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Feature: Improved Form Layout

Goal: User Experience

Sponsor: Trek Global


To get a flexible layout of the fields on a tab three new configuration fields were created and implemented for zk webui:

X Position: Determines where the field label is positioned on the grid, starting from 1 - for buttons and checkboxes this X position determines where the label AND field are positioned

Column Span: Determines how many columns is spanned the text box associated to the field (please note the labels are always occupying just one column, this field just applies to the text box)

Num Lines: For text fields you can define the number of lines that text box can expand vertically

NF001 FormLayout001.png

For example the business partner layout can be configured this way:

NF001 FormLayout002.png

To achieve this result:

NF001 FormLayout003.png

Please NOTE that for swing client the usual configuration is done using the Display Length and Same Line fields.

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-368

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