NF1.0 Find Window

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Feature: Find Window

Goal: Usability

Sponsor: Trek Global


The history button was moved from toolbar to search window.


Can save advanced search

Make advanced search in any window


Assign a name to the search and save


Can use this search anytime needed, use the drill down to select a previously saved search.


Implement the AND/OR for use in the advanced search also can use parenthesis for organize the search


All operators were reviewed to allow using operators on all columns where is possible, like > >= < <= ... (also operators to search NULL and NOT NULL values were added)

For Example:


 != not equal   
 >= greater than or equal
 <= lesser than or equal
 >_< between
 !NULL  not null

Now you can order the fields on the search window.

 With role System Administrator
 In Window  "Table and Column" tab "Column" 
 Select the column that will appear in the  search window
 Select the flag "Selection Column"
 The field "Selection Column Sequence" comes on to select the order that will appear in the window search 



Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-377

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