NF1.0 CustomWindowToolbarButton

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Feature: Custom Window Toolbar Buttons

Goal: Technical

Sponsor : Trek Global


Create custom toolbar button for window using OSGi dynamic service.


OSGi bundle project for the export button action

NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton001.png

Class ExportAction is implements interface org.adempiere.webui.action.IAction
OSGi Service Component - Overview
Note that the component name is use to locate the service and also the loading of image and tooltip text.

NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton002.png

OSGi Service Component- Services

NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton003.png

Bundle activator for auto 2pack import

NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton004.png

Create new window toolbar button record

NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton005.png

Create tooltip text message

NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton006.png

Pack out the toolbar button and tooltip text record

NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton007.png

Testing from Eclipse

NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton008.png


NF001 CustomWindowToolbarButton009.png

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