NF1.0 BroadcastMessage

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Feature: Broadcast Message

Goal: Usability

Sponsor: Trek Global

Video: by Jan.thielemann - evenos Consulting GmbH


You can send a message (show a notification on the iDempiere desktop) to:

  • everybody (as System)
  • all users in a tenant
  • all users in a role
  • a specific user

You can also define if the message will be shown:

  • immediately
  • on login time
  • both

Also you can state if the message will be shown just once - or everytime the user logs in until the message expires

Go to the Broadcast Message window and define the scope you can push the "Test" button to see how the message will be shown to users and when you're ready you can push the "Publish" message and it will be shown following the rules configured and finally you can also set if the message must be acknowledged by the user (and acknowledgments are saved on the system as a proof the user read it and when)





Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-294

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