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Feature: Active Login Session List

Goal: Technical

Sponsor: Trek Global

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  • Administrator can monitor list of session which is currently active and also get information about current session like
    • Organization name
    • User name
    • Login role of user
    • Remote address
    • Client name
    • Server on which user login

Below image shows Active session window for one of current session .

Active session List.png

  • Administrator can filter list of active session using Lookup fields like
    • Client Name
    • Organization Name
    • User Name
    • Login Role
    • Server Name

Below image show look up window with default lookup fields

Look up-snap.jpg

  • System administrator can kill the active session in two ways,
    • Kill active session : Admin can kill any specific user on the ‘Active Sessions’ window.
    • Kill all session : Admin can kill all session those are currently active on the same server.

KillSession menu.png

  • System administrator can set the timeout value before killing the session.

KillSession popup.png

  • Once session time out initiated, based on the timeout value, an alert window with countdown timer will be displayed to the user whose session is going to be expired.

Killsession timeout panel.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-293

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