NF1.0 2Pack Revamped

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Feature: 2Pack Revamped

Goal: Architecture

Sponsor: Trek Global

Video: by Jan.thielemann - evenos Consulting GmbH


The new 2Pack became a central piece of iDempiere.

With the revamped 2Pack you can:

  • Move any object between databases - 2Pack takes care about the conflicting IDs with the usage of the new UUID columns that each table must have
  • Move objects between tenants within the same database - 2Pack takes care of conversion table between the original UUID and new UUID to allow "update" incremental 2packs

'Pack Out:'

  • You can choose now to include in the Packout just objects created or modified after a specific Date
  • And also you can choose since Packout if you want to export/import dictionary entries (previously this was in Packin leading to errors)

01 PackOut.png

  • For any object that doesn't have a dedicated packout definition, you can export it using the Data type

02 PackOut.png

  • Also, for a straight way to Packout you can use the Export button, it will export the record (current or queried) and the detail records.

03 PackOut.png

'Pack In:'

  • In PackIn you must now attach the 2pack file in order to import it (previously it was needed to upload the zip file to the server and choose a file in server)
  • At the end of the process 2pack gives feedback about the number of processed and un-resolved records - in case you find un-resolved you must check in the error log or the console to identify the problematic objects.

01 PackIn.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-254

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