Model Classes BeforeSave Rules

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This page's aim is to collect automatisms performed by beforeSave methods of model classes.


Column Name Condition Value
DateDoc if empty SysDate
DateAcct if empty DateDoc
GL_Category_ID if empty Taken from Document Yype (if set)
C_AcctSchema_ID if empty Default Accounting Schema
C_ConversionType_ID if empty Default Conversion Type

Updating the DateAcct will update the DateAcct on linked lines


Column Name Condition Value
AD_Org_ID if empty Taken from header
Line if empty Max line from lines + 10
C_Currency_ID if empty Taken from header
C_ConversionType_ID if empty Taken from header
C_ValidCombination_ID if empty existing or create a new one
All dimensions if empty Read from combination
AmtAcctDr / AmtAcctCr in any case Calculated using line's conversion rate