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Information about this side

This page has bee created today, 3th July 2013, and we will update it if we have new experiences.

We give no warranty for all this scripts. Please use them carrefully and execute them always only on a system which has been backuped before.

The Focus

Our focus was to solve our migration problem as fast as possible. This is one reason why

  • we didn't clean up our scripts
  • our scripts still produce error messages.

Currently we are working with the migrated version and at the moment everything looks fine. See also our log.

What we didn't verify

The complete Libero part has been migrated too, but we didn't verify (til 3th July 2013) if everthing is ok, because we don't use Libero.

The Way

The migration has be done in a few steps.

Downgrade from ADempiere 370LTS to ADempiere 360LTS


Installing the UUID-Extension

It is recommanded to use a Postgres "Contrib" Version. This version of postgres includes the UUID-Extension already. The only thing you have to do is to execute following script.

This script creates all uuid related functions: 05_install_uuid_package.zip

The attached script has one change of the official one. We removed the path definition. This is the reason why the added function are only available in the schema you will executing the script.

Migrate from ADempiere 360LTS onwards

to 1.0a


to 1.0c

Please get the official SQL-scripts from the source. If you have download you will find the scripts in in ./migration...


  • This script brings the target system in sync : 40_postprocessing_after_migr.zip
  • Log in into your migrated system as System/SuperUser and sync the language: Menu->System Admin -> General Rules -> Synchronize Terminology.


There are not a mass of differences concerning data structure between ADempiere 370LTS and ADempiere 360LTS.

Difference between ADempiere and idempiere


ad_column and ad_element

2Pack in iDempiere implies, that name in ad_column and the name in ad_element is identical, ADempiere works here different. If you install a 2Pack package into iDempiere where the name in ad_column and ad_element are different you will fall in problems because iDempiere is replacing the name of ad_column with the name of ad_element. If you have 2 columns in the same table, based on the same ad_element, an error occures during installing the package.


The idea of this log is to keep you up to date what happened and what kind of experiences we and other people did during and after a migration from ADempiere 370LTS to iDempiere 1.0->>

Log Entries

20130703 Creating this page.

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