Match Order and Invoice

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Matching is the process of making sure that:

Match Order

  • Everything that is ordered arrives
  • To keep track WHEN ordered items arrives

Order lines are matched against receipt lines and invoice lines. Match Order doesn't effect actual accounting. If commitment accounting is enabled, Match Order, effects commitment accounting.

Matched purchase orders can be viewed in the following ways:

  • Menu -> Requisition-to-Invoice -> Matched Purchase orders
  • (Window) Purchase Order -> PO Line -> Matching
  • (Window) Material Receipt -> Receipt Line -> Matched POs
  • (Window) Invoice (Vendor) -> Invoice Line -> Matched POs
  • Menu -> Matching PO-Receipt-Invoice

Match orderline to receipt

When an order line is matched to a receipt the following happens:

  • The delivered quantity of the order line is updated.

This affects the "available to promise" / "Ordered Quantity" of the product. The ordered quantity is used to determine when products are available for sale.

A Match Order document is created. If commitment accounting is enabled commitment accounting is performed.

Match Invoice

  • To make sure we get invoiced for what is ordered
  • To make sure that everything that is invoiced is received.

Invoice lines are matched against receipt lines and order lines. Match Invoice effects the accounting and to have the balance accounts correct it is crucial that this matching is done.

Match invoice line to receipt

When an invoice line is matched to a receipt the following happens

  • to be continued...

Clearing of non matched items

In current versions of iDempiere and ADempiere there's no easy way to clear non matching items.

Some reasons for non matching items are:

  • We haven't actually received everything ordered and never will.
  • Vendor sent wrong item (wrong size, wrong color etc)

Clearing of Match PO

There are some different cases when clearing purchase orders.

They are as follows:

  1. Goods ordered but not received nor invoiced.
  2. Goods ordered, not received but invoiced.
  3. Goods ordered, partially received, not invoiced.
  4. Goods ordered, partially received, partially invoiced.
  5. Goods ordered, not received, partially invoiced.

As longs are the goods is fully ordered and fully received the Match PO has fulfilled it's purpose. The order line displays Quantity invoiced as well. One question about that is that information is probably redundant and makes the matching processes more difficult.