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This wiki will guide you how to activate and use Print button plugin for Info-Window.


  • Apply patch at IDEMPIERE-3784
    • This patch provides ability to turn on or off display icon of Print button
    • This patch handles the click-event when button is used
  • Install plugin at
  • This plugin utilizes services approach. So it is a lazy plugin. As it contains a 2pack you will need to start it manually the first time.

setup (use system role)

  • Create a report/process
   This report use a jasper to print, this jasper will receive parameter name INFO_SELECTED_KEYS, value is a collection contain all key of selected record
   on main query you can use bellow code to query "WHERE  $X{IN, inv.c_invoice_ID, INFO_SELECTED_KEYS}"
   this step can be done by packin file
  • Set report for info window
   open info window and navigate to record "Invoice Info"
   set value of new field "Process" = "Info Barcode Print"

Use (gardenword use)

default idempiere open info window from View on single selection mode, you can choose other way to open on multi selection mode, for me i change code to test

  • go to class DefaultInfoFactory
   change  InfoPanel info = create(-1, tableName, keyColumn, null, false, null, AD_InfoWindow_ID, false);
   to      InfoPanel info = create(-1, tableName, keyColumn, null, true, null, AD_InfoWindow_ID, false);
  • open invoice info
   now print button come up
   do query and choose some record
   click print button
   jasper report is called and show you result on other tab