IDempiere Distribution Guidelines

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iDempiere Distributions (or Distro) are ERP solutions made from a software collection that is based upon the iDempiere core.

These guidelines allow us to evaluate and judge iDempiere's friendly distros, implementers that offer friendly distros will be allowed to talk about their solutions on official channels (not for selling purposes, but for example to explain how they have addressed a particular requirement), and will possibly be listed in the future in an official list. These guidelines are not static and will be updated with time. If you have any suggestions please contact us in the forums.

The distros guidelines are divided into mandatory and optional/preferred:


  1. The distro sources must be open. The implementer is allowed to keep some sources private if they represent their brand (f.e themes), as long as they do not sell their solution through public channels and those private sources do not lead to vendor lock-ins for potential users.
  2. The distro implementer contributes actively to the project, especially, issues found in iDempiere's core (f.e. contributing bug patches instead of fixing them exclusively in their distro without contributing it to the project).
  3. The distro implementer contributes community plugins that can be used by the majority of the community using iDempiere vanilla and following the plugin guidelines.


  1. The distro core should stay close and up to date with the latest stable version of the core. This is to avoid divergence between the cores.
  2. The implementing company should give credit to the project on their website or within the distro using "powered by iDempiere".

The project will not allow distros that close sources to create vendor lock-ins