Hg clone idempiere over broken line

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This page can contain obsolete information, iDempiere moved to git on github

  • This is contributed by Coenraad Loubser, Capetown, South Africa
  • Usually when you start to check out idempiere source code, it takes too long or it can break and you start all over forever
  • Instead of 'hg clone -r 1 <source>' and then manually repeating try this amazing short script.
  • First do the one time 'sudo hg clone -r 1 http://bitbucket.org/idempiere/idempiere'
  • In the same terminal window, cd to the idempiere folder and key in or paste:
rev=`sudo hg identify -n`; 
while true; do rev=$(( $rev + 1 )); 
echo Revision $rev;
sudo hg pull -r $rev -u --debug || break; 
  • If it breaks or hangs, just cancel and run normal hg pull -r <add rev> -u a bit before resuming the same script above.